Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays

Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays

Eat throughout the day; if you “save” your calories for later, most likely you will overindulge at dinner or the party you are going to because you are too hungry.

Survey the buffet table prior to filling your plate; create a strategy and choose lower calorie, more nutritious foods to fill your plate first.

• Bring your own healthy dish or appetizer to pass; then you will know there will at least be one healthy option to choose from.

• Be careful of “distracted eating”; fill a small plate of appetizers and move away from the food table. Standing near the table and grazing while talking to friends can lead to excessive calories.

• Choose wine, light beers, or calorie free mixers; be careful of some of the holiday specialty drinks – they can have several hundred calories in just one drink.

• Consider how your food and drink choices fit in to your weight loss or health goals.

• Try to mingle with people that have similar health and weight goals as you; you will be less likely to overindulge and give in to temptations.

Pack snacks and a water bottle in your bag when you head out the door to go shopping; having a healthy, low-calorie snack on hand will help you to avoid the cookie or cinnamon bun stand or the food court.

• Eat a meal prior to going shopping to avoid over-indulging at mall food courts or chain restaurants.

• Put physical activity on your calendar; be sure to incorporate activity on a regular basis even during periods of high stress and busy schedules. Physical activity is a great way to reduce stress, take a break from busy schedules, and helps burn some extra calories.

Have fun! The holidays are meant to be a time to celebrate friends, family, and life. While it is important to eat healthy on a regular basis, enjoying some good food and drink with family and friends periodically throughout the year is also healthy.

• Enjoy!

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