Race Day Prep

The day before the race - Reflect. Do you remember why you signed up and/or joined this program?  Whether it was to get in shape because the doctor told you, to meet others with the same mind set, to try something new, or for any personal reason.  Think about and remember that commitment you made to yourself 10 weeks ago).

  • Get a little more sleep than usual (just in case your nerves make you restless the night prior).
  • Preview the course, if you can run/drive it; make mental notes of parking, starting line, stuff in-between, and the finish.
  • Pick up your ‘race packet’ in advance, (typically offered the day prior) versus the day of. One less thing you will have to worry about before the race.
  • Find everything you’ll need and lay it out 
  • Make sure you know what time the race starts and set your alarm appropriately
  • Find directions to the race start
  • Pin or pack your bib number (no bib, no chip, no time)
  • Dress appropriately for the weather. (No Boundaries shirt, shorts, socks, shoes, watch, and etc.)
  • Pack food and / or drink (water bottle) you want for before, during, and / or after the race
  • Pack post race clothing and shoes (include a towel); you’ll get cold after finishing regardless of the temperature

The Day of the race:

  • Don’t do anything different - clothing, shoes, routine (especially), food, and / or drink.
  • Arrive at least 60-75 minutes prior to start time.  Give yourself ample time to park your car, pin on your bib number, and utilize the bathroom (get in line before you think you are going to need it, because by the time you get there you will)
  • Breathe deeply, relax, and give yourself positive affirmations for a great race experience.
  • You will likely be excited, nervous, anxious, and etc. It’s completely normal regardless of whether it’s your first or your hundredth race.  Start at/near the middle to back of the pack and at a slightly easier pace that what you’ve been running (you don’t want to get caught up in the moment).  If you need to walk, pick an object (tree, telephone pole, sign, and etc.) and make a commitment to start running again once you get to it!
  • Have fun and enjoy yourself!! You’ve earned it!
  • Encourage each other out there!

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