Life After No Boundaries

Even though you’re graduating on Sunday, December 11th, show-up on Tuesday, December 13th for a short workout followed by the No Boundaries Graduation Party!!!


  • Remember that you’ve formed a habit over the past several weeks, don’t stop!  You’ve done the toughest part, by stepping up to that Start line!
  • Do you remember why you signed up and/or joined this program? Whether it was to get in shape, because your doctor told you, to meet other people with the same mind set, a New Year’s Resolution, to try something new, to complete a 5k, to run a PR, or for any other reason.   Make sure that you continue; make a commitment to yourself (by putting a reminder on the bathroom mirror or the refrigerator).
  • Remember those days that you showed up to walk/run when the weather wasn’t as nice as it was today.  If you’re like me, you’ll grow to love those days that weren’t like today simply because most don’t.


  • Continue to make walking/running a priority several times a week!
  • Use your “new” training buddies/friends (grab their email and/or phone number and agree to meet up).
  • 5k: use Week #9 of the No Boundaries 5k training schedule and continue to add running time (i.e. 1 minute to each run during the week and 5 minutes to run on the weekend).  The entry point for the 3.0 program is the ability to run 2 miles; however you can increase your time/distance gradually each week on your own, as well.
  • 2.0: use the last 3 weeks of the program as a guide to maintain your speed and endurance.
  • 3.0: use the No Boundaries 10k training schedule that you were given (the last 4 weeks in particular and replicate them (i.e. weekly long runs of 5, 6, 7, and 4 miles) and use the same philosophy.  Add a little more distance each time.


  • Pick your next goal! Don’t wait to sign up for your next race- send in your registration entry as soon as possible, because once it’s on your calendar you’re committed and have something to work towards.
  • Keep a weekly training log … document the days that went well and those that didn’t and perhaps the “why they didn’t” knowing that you still persevered.
  • Use the many resources that are available to you via Fleet Feet Sports, the Coaches, the Fleet Feet Sports FIT Staff, and etc.); don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Mondays @ 6pm (2, 3, and 5 mile routes available)
  • Wednesdays @ 6pm (2 and 4 mile routes available)

Take the next Step

  • Signup for the next No Boundaries Program if you are a 5k’er OR the Half and Full Marathon Program if you are a 2.0’er/3.0’er; the next, The Next No Boundaries Program starts Tuesday, February  14th … the Half and Full Marathon will begins on Thursday, January 26th.


On behalf of each of your Coaches, Mentors and Fleet Feet Sports, thank you for deciding to take this journey with us. Each of US is looking forward to this coming weekend and seeing each of YOU accomplish the goal that you set out to achieve on Day 1.

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