Breathing 101

Breathing should be relaxed and rhythmic. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. This is the most effective way for most runners and walkers to take in more air as they move, as opposed to breathing just through the nose. Take short and shallow breaths that are comfortable and not forced. You may need to take an occasional deep breath, but this should not be the norm for maintaining control during running or walking. Your natural breathing pattern will be very individual. Check your natural breathing rhythm by counting your steps as you run. Some runners may find they breathe in for two steps and out for two steps while others may take three steps before the next breath. Whatever your pattern is, keep it regular and use your steps to monitor your breathing rate. If you hear yourself breathing heavily while running at what should be an easy or moderate pace, you are running too quickly and should slow down. It is best to practice slowing down your breathing while running at a slower pace before challenging yourself with faster strides.

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