Meet Coach Marissa

I began running when I was labeled "obese" and could not run one length of a North Buffalo city block. I eventually taught myself to run, but it was extremely painful and I endured a great deal of negativity inside my own head to get through it. I was too embarrassed to join anything like Fleet Feet running group because I wasn't a "runner", so my head won most of the time. There were days when I could not convince myself to get outside and run. I was doing it all alone.Since then, I have trained with Fleet Feet over the past years and completed 4 half marathons and 3 marathons! The weight has stayed off (mostly) and I wanted to give back to the Buffalo community by helping others experience their own running capabilities. So coaching allowed me to teach others. The lessons are as much mental as physical, but either way more people are seeing their own personal greatness through the program! The No Boundaries group is the most rewarding group to work with. So honored to be there when the participants reach a milestone and begin to believe in themselves again.

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