Having Fun with Running

It is important to enjoy what you're doing.  If putting in all those miles begins to drag you down at all, try mixing something up to make sure you are having fun with it.

- Change locations: if you are always starting your run from the same spot (your home, perhaps), the same routes/streets can make it feel like you're doing the same thing over and over again. Try planning days where you run from one of your favorite parks, neighborhoods, or bike paths.  Trail running is another great change of scenery that deviates from the norm.

-Buddy up:  Find friends from a similar pace group or that may live nearby.  Meeting a friend for a run or a workout holds both of you accountable for doing it.  Not to mention having someone to talk to makes the miles go by much faster.  Running with the group on Thursdays and Saturdays creates a fun environment, making the workout seem much more manageable.  For a shorter run on your schedule, have a buddy meet you at the store for a group run at the store on Monday/Wednesday nights.

-Don't skip speed work:  I know, speed work can be dreadful.  Often times, distance runners just want to run a bunch of miles without any track workouts or tempo paces involved.  The best reason to consistently stick to your speed work- it works.  Having a variance of paces in your running schedule helps build strength in your legs and the rest of your body, which translates to speed.  Hmm.. suddenly those Saturday long runs are getting a little bit easier.  There is nothing more satisfying than seeing improvement and running distances/paces you never thought you could before.

-Take your rest days:  Rest days are equally as important as the rest of your schedule.  Your body needs time to recover in order to get better from week to week.  Take advantage of those rest days to do something else you enjoy or even lightly cross train.  You can also strategically plan your rest days to fall on those certain days where you know you are busy and will not have much time for running.  Pushing it from day to day with achy, fatigued legs can take the fun out of running and even lead to injury.

-Set a goal: Sign up for a race!  Hold yourself accountable and train towards a specific race or event.  Whether it be training for your first marathon or training to set a PR in a race you've ran before, having something on the calendar is a fantastic motivator.

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