Training Tips

Having Fun with Running

It is important to enjoy what you're doing.  If putting in all those miles begins to drag you down at all, try mixing something up to mak…

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How to prepare for race day

The buildup For the week before race day, rest your body! This means no aggressive runs, no excess mileage, and no speed work, no kick boxing…

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Half Marathon Racing Strategies

The big day is almost near. It’s time to start thinking about how to approach the half marathon distance on race day. This day is no dif…

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Nutrition Basics

As I am sure you have discovered, there are so many different aspects in your training that you need to pay attention to. Just like you stay d…

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The Zen Mind

I have been in the fitness and running world training people of all ages for more than twodecades. I have supported people through getting str…

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Embarrassing Running Problems

Embarrassing Running Problem #1: Black or Lost ToenailsSome runners, especially those training for long-distance events, can suffer from black…

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Nutrition Tips

We'll start with the right foods and quantities needed to achieve peak performance.  A balanced diet should include the following essenti…

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Dynamic Warm Up

Warming up your muscles is an important part of your workout that needs to be done before every run.  Without it, you increase the risk o…

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