Saturday October 7th, 2017

 10/7/2017 Route

Mileage: 6, 7, or 10

 Beginner half finishes at step 12, advanced half finishes at step 17.

1)     From Fleet Feet, turn left on Delaware Ave.

2)    Turn Right on Hertel

3)    Turn Left on Starin

4)    Turn Right on Kenmore Ave

5)    Turn Left on Rails to Trails Bike Path

6)    Turn left off path onto Cortland Ave (there should be a sign saying Cortland)

7)    Water at Cortland & Center (After mile 3)

8)    Turn left on Grosvenor Rd

9)    Turn right on Deerhurst

10)  Turn left on Delaware Rd

11)  Continue on Delaware Ave when they merge

12)  Water at the store

End of beginner half

13)  From store, left on Delaware Ave

14)  Right on Hertel

15)  Right on Commonwealth

16)  Right on Linden

17)  Left on Delaware (advanced half turns right, back to the store)

18)  Right on Great Arrow

19)  Left on Lincoln Pkwy

20)  Right on Bedford

21)  Left on Elmwood

22)  Left on Nottingham

23)  Take Path over bridge that crosses Delaware Ave

24)  Go Left in Delaware Park

25)  Exit park left at juicery and continue on Meadow Rd

26)  Right on Middlesex

27)  Left on Amherst St

28)  Right on Delaware Ave





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