Saturday, August 26th - Fleet Feet Sports

Half Mileage: 13, Beginner Full Mileage: 20, Advanced Full Mileage: 22
1) From Fleet Feet, turn Left on Delaware Ave.

2) Turn Right on Hertel

3) Turn Right on Main

4) Turn Right on Morris

5) Morris ends at Linden – bear Right on Linden

6) Turn Left on Parkside

7) Turn Right on Crandall (the little side street by the zoo) and enter Park

8) Once in Park, turn Right WATER IN PARK (≈ 4.1mi)

9) Continue around Park to Jewett

10) Exit at Jewett and turn Left on Parkside

11) Turn Right on Russell

12) Turn Right on Woodward

13) Turn Left on Humboldt

14) Turn Left on Crescent

15) Turn Left on Amherst

16) Turn Left on Summit

17) Turn Right on Jewett and re-enter Park

18) Turn Right in Park WATER IN PARK (≈ 8.4mi)

19) Exit Park at Meadow

20) Turn Left on Nottingham

21) Turn Left on Elmwood

22) Turn Left on Cleveland

23) Turn Left on Delaware WATER AT STORE (≈13mi)

*Half Marathon is finished*

24) From store, turn Left on Delaware

25) Turn Left on Hertel

26) Turn Left on Military

27) Turn Left on Grant

28) Turn Left on Rockwell

29) Turn Left on Elmwood

30) Turn Right on Nottingham

31) Enter Park at Meadow

32) Turn Left in Park WATER IN PARK (=17.1mi)

33) Exit Park at Colvin

34) Turn Right on Tillinghast

35) Turn Left on Parkside

36) Turn Left on Tacoma

37) Turn Left on Delaware WATER AT STORE (≈20mi)

*Beginner Full is finished*

38) From store, turn Right on Delaware

39) Turn Right on Bedford

40) Turn Left on Dana

41) Turn Right on Middlesex

42) Turn Left on Lincoln

43) Turn Left on Nottingham

44) Turn Left on Delaware FINISH AT STORE

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