Whether you are currently inactive or are a seasoned runner, Fleet Feet Sports has a training program that will start at your current ability level to help you reach your fullest potential.

From professionally designed training programs and functional classes to fun, social runs, our training programs are so much more than just working out. From day one, you will be part of a running/walking community where our experienced coaches will work out with you and cheer you on. You will form great friendships through your fitness journey while the motivational atmosphere will keep you engaged and focused on your goals.

  • Social Runs - Several weekly options to enjoy group workouts, all fitness levels welcome
  • Pub Runs - Monthly fun, stress-free outings for runners and walkers of all abilities
  • Ton of Fun Weight Loss Challenge - 12 week weight loss challenge
  • Winter Warrior Program - Stay active through the winter months
  • WalkFIT - Perfect for those who have no desire to run, but still want to be active and healthy
  • No Boundaries - Choose from Learn To Run 5k, 2pt0 or 3pt0 Training
  • Half & Full Marathon Training - Both Beginner and Advanced Training Available
  • Speed Camp - 6 week program to increase speed and strength
  • UrbanFITCardio and strength training using what nature and our city as your gym
  • Yoga - 6 week yoga class for all levels to improve flexibility, stretching and strength

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Fitvil More Info »

Program Start: Create your account today!
Program Fee: FREE

FREE Social Runs More Info »

Program Start: Offered Year Round
Program Fee: FREE, no RSVP required, just show up!

Trail Runs More Info »

Program Start: One Sunday a month, 9am and one Thursday a month in the summer, 6PM
Program Fee: FREE, no RSVP required, just show up!

Winter Warrior Program More Info »

Program Start: Wed, Dec. 7th, 2016
Program Fee: $23

Ton Of Fun Weight Loss Challenge More Info »

Program Start: 12 Week Challenge beginning January 14th - April 8th
Program Fee: $50

WalkFIT More Info »

Program Start: Tuesday, June 27th, 2017
Program Schedule: Tuesdays, 6PM and Saturdays, 8AM
Program Fee: $100

No Boundaries: Learn to Run 5K/2.0/3.0 More Info »

Program Start: Saturday, March 11th
Program Schedule: Tuesdays, 6pm at Fleet Feet Sports, Saturdays at 8am at various locations each week
Program Fee: $100.00 until March 6th. On March 7th, price will increase to $110.00
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Half & Full Marathon Training More Info »

Program Start: Thursday, January 26 2017
Program Schedule: Thursdays, 6pm and Saturdays 7:30am
Goal Race: Buffalo Marathon
Program Fee: Early bird registration fee $135.00 until Sunday, January 22nd 2017 On January 23rd 2017, the fees increase to $145.00
Description: If you're serious about training for or completing a half or full marathon, join the region's premier training program that has helped thousands of runners reach their goal! Our trained coaches offer the support and motivation needed to keep you going. With 9 different pace groups and 4 different training options, there is a program suited for every participant - whether this is your first marathon or you're trying to qualify for Boston.
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Yoga More Info »

Program Start: Sunday, April 2nd from 10:00AM-11:15AM
Program Fee: $60 through March 30th on March 31th the fee increases to $70.00
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Good Form Running More Info »

Program Start: Offered monthly on Sunday mornings
Program Fee: $10 per session. Pricing includes the hour long clinic and a $10 store voucher.
Description: This interactive workshop is brought to you by New Balance. The hands-on coaching teaches runners how to use their bodies, their legs and their foot-strike in the most efficient manner to create good running form.

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