Just in time for holiday gift giving, Ellen's Faves are back! Each has been carefully selected because it fits at least one - if not all - of the following criteria: fit, fashion & function. 


Sugoi Fusion Core 1/2 Zip

Who likes unique and different? The Sugoi Fusion Core 1/2 Zip is just that! With motivational text on the sleeves in it's black and white hue is perfect hit! Warm and a great look in women's sizing.






The North Face Kilowatt Thermoball Jacket

Calling all men - The North Face Kilowatt Thermoball Jacket is exceptional quality, look and feel! Perfect for so many activities from play to your regular everyday jacket. It's sharp, sleek and great fit!




Holiday Leggings

These unique festive tights are perfect for any holiday event from races to workouts to even holiday dinners or outings! Get into the holiday winter spirit with this fun option.



Kari Traa Ida Jacket

Absolutely anything in store from Kari Tara, but to pick one today it's the Ida Jacket. Kari Traa, a Scandinavian women's only brand has some of the best patterns and designs by far. The Ida Jacket is a warm fashion forward look with incredible detailing and lines. Scandinavia knows cold weather and Kari Traa and this Ida Jacket answers that need.




Craft Storm Jacket & Pant

Our top selling garments each year  - ranking high on the function scale and a must have for every Winter Warrior - the CRAFT Storm Jacket and Pant! Hands down on if the warmest and best!

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