Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini 2 Record

Speedform Gemini 2 Record-Equipped

By Dana Dobinski, Asst. Store Manager

One of the amScreenshot_2016-03-09-12-20-18azing benefits of my trip down to the Under Armour Run Summit, (besides the warm weather) was to be able to receive a pair of my very own Speedform Gemini 2 Record running shoes! The day we were learning about them was actually the day they were being released to the public which was a huge honor and one I didn’t take lightly. A bit more of background info on the brand they also own MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal, and the rest of the “MapMy” apps, this allows all of them to communicate seamlessly with each other for smarter data and feedback. The MapMyRun app as you can see pictured on the right, will also keep track of your shoes life as far as performance ans cushioning goes which is a great tool to prevent overuse and injury. UA has actually created an app that joins them all together called UA Record that connects them all in one page to see the over view of your day. The shoes themselves have a seamless upper and a sock-like construction. One of the really cool features of this shoe is that it has a chip in the shoe about the size of a nickel that tracks your every step, whether you are running in them or not. Because the battery of the chip lasts way longer than the life of your shoes you will never have to charge the shoes so it truly takes the hassle out of going for a run but still wanted to know the in depth metrics of your run. When it is near a Bluetooth device that is turned on it will instantly upload a run without you needing to be anywhere near it on the run. Doesn’t all of this seem too good to be true? That’s what a lot of people tell me when i mention these facts to them at the store, so I wanted to go out and test them out for myself!

Today I took the shoes out for a little test run:

Screenshot_2016-03-09-12-31-41Untethered: The first thing I wanted to try was the “Untethered” version of the shoe. This ultimately means I  run right out of my porch with out a phone, without a watch, just my shoes and me! At first it felt really strange, I just kept thinking what if it doesn’t get it, what if I’m running too slow? I decided that my test was going to be a mile to be able to compare. When I completed my first mile, (or as you can see a tad under)  I went into my apartment and opened the MapMyRun app on my phone and my run was there! I went onto the Create a Route feature on MapMyRun to double check my route and it was spot on! So, when everything is said when you run untethered, aka without a phone the shoe will tell the phone how far you went and then how long it took you and then using those two points of data, how many calories you’ve burned. I also have my height and weight plugged into MyFitnessPal which allows for a more accurate reading. If I had run with my Garmin watch as well as my sneakers it would combine the data and still track the distance on the shoes and life of the shoe but give me the information from my Garmin product as well, which is a nice feature when mileage tracking is very important to you.










Screenshot_2016-03-09-12-20-35Tethered: So for the second run I wanted to see what metrics and data the shoes would give me when I connected it to the app for my run! So, once again I headed out the door and back on a similar route. (I wanted to switch it up a bit) When I got back to my house I was super impressed! The screen that is pictured next to this text is the screen I saw once I completed that next mile. This time it gave me the exact route that I completed, even when I ran a bit wobbly on the sidewalk to avoid a dog. One of the smart things that the chip can do if cadence. Up to the second cadence was recorded my entire run, which is a plus because of the chip in the shoes. It also gave me calories like the untethered version did as well as my overall time. The other difference between the two types of run is the tethered to the app version will give you your pace per mile as well as your overall time of the run. Now the information does not stop there!   Another neat thing about MapMyRun an the shoe is that if I were to have run with my Garmin watch and upload that to the site as well it would combine the data and not create duplicate runs. The app also has three other data screens that come with every completed workout!

All in all I had a great experience with the shoes and the app. I was surprised with the amount of data that it gave back to me with only using shoes and an app on my phone! The neat thing about the UA Record app is that you can connect any fitness tracker, Bluetooth scale, sleep tracker, heart rate monitor or GPS watch to give you the full complete scope of your day and help you track your trends. Under Armour’s ultimate goal is to help make you the best you can be in every way. If there is anything that I have left out or that you are curious about please don’t hesitate to ask me or visit Fleet Feet Sports.

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