Nathan Hydration Pack

nathan hydration pack

Nathan Hydration Pack
By Dana Dobinski, FIT Specialist

Chances are if you see me out on the roads early on a Saturday, or any other day for that matter I've got my Nathan Hydration Pack on. Not only has it been great for carrying water on the run but I've found so many other uses; coaching, hiking, volunteering and cheering at races, the uses are endless. The pack itself weighs in at an impressive 10 oz. and has room for a 1.5L bladder as well as 2 10 oz. flasks, so you'll never run out of water (or Nuun yum!) When I run with our distance group I add a speaker to pump the music out on our long runs and motivate them on their workouts. My speaker backpack "invention" has actually been featured on the Nathan facebook page! Don't rule out wearable hydration, with all of the storage and convince it is an AMAZING tool to have.

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