Hoka Spikes

Hoka Spikes

By Alex Chirico, FIT Specialist

There are few things I love more than the feel of Spring. It brings back memories of digging out the grill, car washes and runs through the park, but most of all it brings me back to my days as a Brockport Golden Eagle. When the weather finally breaks and the warm sun comes out, it always reminds me of outdoor Track season and the chance to break free from the shackles of the treadmill and hit the road for spring training and the promise of the ever wonderful sock tan. When we got the new spikes in for Track season, this spike stuck out to me immediately. After slipping my foot in and lacing it up, I was brought back to my days of rubbing elbows wtih SUNYACS finest runners ...including FIT Specialists Steve Whittemore.

The aggressive plate on the bottom of the spike has a slight curve on the right foot allowing an easy lean into the track to slingshot you into a blaze of glory onto the straightaway. The soft, seamless toe box and ventilated upper breathes easily allowing a comfortable fit with or without socks on. A slight bend at the mid foot gets you up on your toes to really propel forward into your next PR. Perfect for anything from the 400 to the mile, I would recommend this spike to any level athlete from varsity in High School to the most elite professional runner on the circuit.

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