adidas Energy Boost 3

adidas Energy Boost 3

By Brian Stewart, Store Manager

I have had serious anxiety and anticipation, as many runners, do, with waiting for your go to shoe to update. "What did they change?" "Will I still like it?" "Am I going to have to start the hunt for a new shoe?" I have been an Energy Boost convert since it's launch back in 2012, and used it in the majority of all my runs, so needless to say I have my concerns when this shoe updates!

Almost immediately the new upper and aesthetics caught my eye! I love the look of this shoe but how will these changes impact the ride and feel!? These updates have improved some of the main issues I've had with the previous model, the new S heel shape has enhanced the fit and the plush upper has been improved to reduce the lacing issues and pressure points.

This shoe continues to deliver amazing cushion and responsiveness with improved fit, that will continue to keep me raving and loggin g many miles in it!

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