My Ultimate Setup

By Alex Chico, FIT Staff

If I had to choose 3 items to get me through any run, it would have to be my Brooks Ghost 8's, my carbon Superfeet and my Balega Hidden Comforts. I could not imagine getting through any run without any one of these 3 items. My Ghosts provide straight out of the box comfort for my entire foot, the segmented crash pad distributes the pressure of every footfall evenly which translates to a phenomenal ride. They are light enough to keep my stride efficient on days I want to go fast and have enough cushion to hold up to those longer runs. If I had to choose a 7 day a week, workhorse running shoe, this would be it. Going right along with my Ghosts, my Carbon Superfeet are a must have for any run. the subtle support that is received from my feet from the Superfeet completely eliminates any pain felt at the end of those longer runs and workouts. Although the short term benefits are great, the long term ones are even better. Knowing that my arches and muscles are well supported when they need it the most makes me confident that i will get many more years of healthy running. This of course would not be possible without my Balega Hidden Comfort socks. THIS SOCK IS CRAZY SOFT! It is unlike anything I have ever worn and can't imagine running without it at this point. The seamless fit and polyester blend of the sock itself eliminates all the problems sweat causes including hot spots and callousing. It is also extremely breathable. Wearing it just feels right. Knowing that my feet are well protected with this combination of accessories, I am confident going into my next training cycle that my feet will be well taken care of.

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