Kahtoola Microspikes

Katoola Microspikes
By Brian Stewart, Store Manager

My Microspikes are my light weight solution for dealing with snowy/icy trails or runs when I know I will not be encountering any cement. They are a surefooted dream when you are out on the trail; running through snow and ice, you can focus on the run and not worry about having bulk on your feet while still maintaining an enormous amount of grip. They are my go to traction devices when dealing with compact snowy trails or anytime there isn't enough snow where snowshoes would be more efficient. It makes a huge difference in the actual desire to go out and trail run in the winter when you have traction and feel like the energy you are putting in is actually being properly transferred and applied. Especially on climbs up the hills. I noticed an immediate difference on ability to efficiently run up the long climb up the Blue Trail at Chestnut Ridge Park from the Eternal Flame, I got more power out of my steps and I had to use less steps to actually make it to the top!

Another great feature about them is how packable they are! I love having the ability to pull them off and put them in my pocket or a small stow bag when I encounter any stretches of bare road. That has come in handy many a times while running at parks like Chestnut Ridge and Sprague Brook, I have the ability to take off the Microspikes and get off the trail and add more miles or finish up my run on the road with no hassle.

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