Garmin 630

Garmin 630
By Jim Cielencki, FIT Specialist

What can I say, I've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new Garmin 630 GPS watch since it was released in the fall. I've only had the watch for 4 days and I've achieved a bunch of steps badges, figured out my Lactate Threshold pace and learned that I spend more time on my right foot than my left foot. There's even more to this watch, but these are some of the biggest upgrades that I've been looking forward to.
Knowing my running dynamics really helps me become a more efficient runner and get the most out of my training. It helps me feel like I'm not training blindly. The hard data that helps clarify at what paces I should be at as opposed to guessing where I might be at. My favorite update feature is the right and left foot ground contact time balance
calculation. This tells me if I have a running imbalance that might be caused by injury, over compensation or even muscle differences. 
The activity tracker is a feature that I didn’t quite think would be useful for me since I’m already fairly active, but I’m surprised how much I use it. Yes, it will count your steps and give you badges if you achieve a certain amount of steps, but it also tracks your sleep. It will give you info on the amount of deep and light sleep along with how much
you are awake during the night.
It one thing to know all the features, but to maximize how much you get out of them is another. In the 4 days that I’ve had this watch, I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of it’s potential. Stop by to ask me more about what I’ve discovered and how it can help you achieve your running (or cycling) goals.

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