adidas Ultra Boost Shoes

By: Jim Cielencki, FIT Specialist

Winter is coming, but that doesn't mean my training stops. The adidas Ultra boost shoe in wool, aka "Woolly boost", is one of my favorite Ultra boost shoes ever released.  Not only does the shoe look amazing, but the wool keeps my feet warm when the cold weather arrives. I'm a huge fan of adidas boost cushioning because it's softness doesn't change when the temperature does. Other EVA foam systems will get harder as the temperature drops, but not boost. Whether it's 9 degrees or 90 degrees, the shoe has the same feel under my feet.  A human's foot will splay about 10mm when it lands on the ground, adidas' Prime Knit upper doesn't restrict my foot from splaying at all. The first time I ran in this shoe, I said to myself "Wow, my foot has never been so relaxed while running." If you're looking for a highly cushioned shoe that feels the same in summer or winter and comes in this killer looking wool color, then check out the adidas Ultra boost.

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