adidas adistar raven boost

By: Jim Cielencki, FIT Specialist

Trails and adidas boost cushioning have been two of my favorite things in running. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really enjoy boost in a good trail shoe until the boost Raven came into my life a month ago. I’ve put nearly 100 miles on them in only a month because I really wanted to test them out. There’s 4 different aspects of the shoe that really make this stand out for me. First, the lug shape is fairly aggressive because it uses the same tread as the Continental Trail King MTB tire. This is a cool concept, but I was nervous that it wouldn’t transfer well into running. I took them through looser dirt and gravel because it seemed like the tread would eat that stuff up when other shoes would slip. And you know what happened? I’ve had zero problems with loss of footing.

The second aspect would be the Continental rubber itself. I’ve spent the winter running in this type of rubber because it provides 20% more grip in wetter conditions. Running on smooth and wet rock really makes me nervous when I’m trail running because it can act like ice. The slip isn’t predictable because you can slip forward, side to side or whatever direction. You just don’t know. The Continental rubber definitely helped me manage the slippage issue on wet rock. While no shoe is perfect, I can say that I trust this shoe the most.

An amazing third aspect of the Raven that I really like is the boost cushioning. I’ve ran hundreds of miles on the roads in boost, but never been able to transfer that over to the trails. I get far more energy return than my previous trail shoes and they provide me with plenty of cushion for longer days on the trails. I was nervous that boost might have an unstable squishiness to it, but adidas added an EVA horseshoe to the front of the shoe which took away all of my worries.

One final aspect is that the upper is really tough. I’ve had plenty of shoes get ripped by rocks and sticks, but the Ravens show no signs of wear or even any potential chance for damage. The toe guard does a great job of protecting my toes in technical terrain like Chestnut Ridge, Hunters Creek or Sprague Brook. I usually try to clear debris from the trails with my foot as I’m running and the toe guard has lessened the risk of getting hurt. Being able to go through a trail without worrying about ripping your shoes is a great relief.

There's more to tell you about, so next time you're in the store find me so I can tell you all about the adidas Raven Boost.

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