Addaday Fly Massage Roller

By: Mike Rizzo, FIT Specialist

As a post college student, soon to be business owner, much of my day is spent traveling around and dealing with stressful situations. As we all know, this can cause body aches throughout and especially when driving, shoulders to become tense. Insert Addaday. More specifically, the Fly Roller. The Fly Roller is a gift from the powers above for reasons that are hard to put into words… but here it goes.

With the rubberized gear, curved handle, and excellent portability, I am able to simply reach into the glove compartment, grab the fly roller, and sit at a red light rolling out the stress and tension in my neck, shoulders, and everywhere else for that matter. I can use as much pressure as I see fit, digging in to break up the built up lactic acid and stress that causes stiffness in my neck and pain in my shoulders. We all know what it’s like and how uncomfortable it is to drive with our hands at '10 & 2', but by using the Addaday Fly Roller, it makes driving safe that much more achievable.

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