CEP Progressive+ Run Socks 2.0

No matter the distance, the Run Sock 2.0 offer maximum benefits. The flagship product in the CEP line-up, these socks are the defining performance product in the compression category. CEP’s proprietary compression profile improves blood flow, reduces muscle soreness and quickens recovery time.

The Run Socks 2.0 are equipped with metatarsal compression for excellent support and unmatched comfort. Like other CEP legwear they feature medi compression, which reduces vibrations while increasing coordination. This stabilizes muscles, joints and, together with the increased blood flow, helps prevent injuries. They now come in great new range of colors!

CEP has revolutionized the world of running with its leg wear. Compression sock and sleeve studies have shown that compression stimulates blood flow, helping legs recover faster from a hard or long run. 
What do they do:
The snug fitting, socks and sleeves are designed to increase circulation and reduce lactic acid build up. Helping runners recover faster and feel better after a hard or long workout.
  • More energy, greater endurance and enhanced performance thanks to improved blood circulation
  • Activates the flow of blood in the muscles
  • Post-exercise: Quicker and shorter recovery phase
  • Muscle and joint stabilization for reduced risk of injury
  • Increased coordination by activating the muscles for a sense of stability and security when running

    When do you wear them:
    Socks and sleeves can be worn while training and after training. 

CEP Progressive+ Run Socks 2.0

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