Addaday Recovery Tools

One of the newest additions to our inventory of injury prevention and treatment accessories come from California-based Addaday. Their assortment of effective and durable massage-rollers and stretchers can be used to relieve muscle soreness and treat many of the most common running and walking injuries, including shin splints, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee and IT band syndrome.  

The "Type A" Ultra Roller is Addaday's original roller.  The "gear" design of its massaging rollers knead muscles like the human elbow.  Multiple "gears" allow for easy navigation around the waist, back and hip areas.  Pressure can easily be regulated to provide either a soft or deep massage. 

The "Type C" SST Roller has all the features of the Ultra Roller, plus softer, grippier Surface Skin Technology (SST) gears that don't slip on the skin.  It also replaces one of the larger gears with a small, red gear that can be used to target specific points.

The "Type B" Travel Roller features a lightweight construction in a compact form factor that is small enough to fit in your gym bag.  It can be used one-handed for a soft massage or with both hands for a deep massage.

The "Type D" Universal Roller digs deeper than a foam roller.  This massage tool helps you stretch and elongate soft tissue, feeling similar to a deep "direct myofascial release" massage.  Great for sore quads or hamstrings, It is also tremendous for attacking plantar fasciitis!

The "Type S" Ultra Stretcher is a tool that makes it easy to deliver a precision stretch your Achilles tendons and calves.  It is a favorite of physical therapists and other medical professionals who recommend it to their patients who are suffering from plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.

The Junior Roller is a lightweight, versatile roller that is great for plantar fasciitis sufferers or those who want to target a specific area with a soft or deep massage.  This portable roller is great for any athlete on the go!

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