Sports Bras


Sports Bra FittingSupport !  If you're a small or medium-breasted woman (A to C cup), a compression style bra will offer support and comfort. Or if you may prefer to choose a bra that offers encapsulation for shaping as well as support.
If you're a larger-breasted woman (C to DD cup) you may find encapsulating styles that separate and support your breasts more comfortable and more supportive than compression bras. For maximum support, choose a sports bra that does both.

Different activities result in different degrees of movement. The higher the impact level, the more support you'll need.

Comfort !  Try on different styles to find out what you like best. A good sports bra should feel comfortable, stay in place, and not chafe. The straps should not dig into the shoulders and the band around the lower chest should not shift or bind.

Test the comfort of the bra.  Do jumping jacks, run in place, and swing your arms side to side to make sure what feels good is comfortable and supportive when you're in motion. Keep in mind that a good sports bra should fit more snugly than a lingerie bra to provide you with support, but should not be uncomfortable or restrict movement or breathing.

Moisture Control and Breathability !  A good sports bra will wick sweat away from the skin and then dry quickly. It will be breathable, allowing perspiration and excess heat to pass through. A good sports bra will keep you cool and dry when it's hot, and dry and warm when it's cold.

For women, the right sports bra is as important as the correct shoe. We carry a wide range of sports bras in various styles, colors, and sizes from vendors such as Moving Comfort, Champion, Saucony and Sugoi.


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