Shoe Fitting

ShoesWhen you come into Fleet Feet Sports Buffalo you can expect the most comprehensive shoe fitting you’ve ever been through. We’ll ask you to sit down and remove both your shoes and socks. We’ll take a close look at the shape of your feet, looking for anything that might cause issues inside your shoe. We’ll check to see if you have any bunions, hammer toes or drift toes. We’ll measure the amount your arch expands when your foot is in a weight bearing position and we’ll evaluate the height of your instep. We'll ask about your current training, your immediate goals and your long term goals. When we have a thorough understanding of your foot type and the training you plan to do, we'll make recommendations on the proper footwear for you. After we bring out the shoes we’ve selected we’ll have you test run each pair. Weather permitting we’ll have you run outside the store, but if necessary we have the treadmill available. Once you’ve run in the shoes, we’ll work together to determine which one best meets your needs as far as fit and function. In addition to the shoes, we will also make recommendations as to the proper socks to wear and if necessary we may recommend an insert to complete the perfect fit.

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