Presentation on Hip Muscle Re-Training to Prevent Runner's Knee Pain

Medical Monday With Sports Physical Therapy of New York

"Hip Muscle Re-Training to Prevent Runner's Knee Pain"
October 12th
7:15pm at Fleet Feet Sports

Knee pain is one of the most common lower body ailments that can affect a runner’s performance and interfere with training.  Although the knee pain can be intense, usually the source of pain is due to a change in body mechanics from the hip muscles not working properly.  Recent research suggests re-training the hip muscles to engage properly, with select exercises utilizing a simple resistance band, can help to improve mechanics that can decrease stress on the knee joint running.  This presentation will give a background on “runner’s knee”, the theory behind hip muscle retraining, and will go through a demonstration of exercises that you may utilize to start re-training your hip muscles to keep you running pain-free!

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