ArtRUN & ArtWALK - DAD's Edition

Come Celebrate Dad's at June's ArtRUN/WALK!

Saturday, June 10th at 7:30AM

All speeds and abilities are welcome to join us for our FREE ArtRUN & ArtWALK workout series. For Runners AND Walkers!!

Combining Creativity with your workout! Right brain meets left brain! Workouts where you actually create Map Art. Using your mapping software after the run or walk the route we do will create the theme of the workout and become a picture. For example, we hosted 7RUN6 workout, where the map spelled out 7RUN6.

Great opportunity to meet people, get a great workout, create art plus enjoy post workout festivities and libations which change for each theme. Plus receive a complimentary sticker to commemorate your workout!

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